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Initial Fertility Consultation

A comprehensive 90 minute e first fertility consultation, face to face for an individual or couple, including a short treatment. All information provided by email after appointment

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
£ 65.00

Initial general Reflexology Consultation

For your first reflexology appointment, we require a 60 minute slot.

(1 hour)

Pregnancy Massage

A 50 minute treatment within a 1 hour appointment slot, providing massage to the back, shoulders, arms hands lower legs and feet. The massage is adapted to suit your comfort.

(1 hour)
£ 45.00

Reflexology Treatment

A 45 minute appointment to provide general, fertility or pregnancy reflexology, available after your initial consultation appointment.

(45 minutes)

Fertility Massage Therapy

A 1 hour appointment for Fertility Massage Therapy as advised after your initial consultation

(1 hour)
£ 45.00